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Well, I just quit my day job. I don't intend to go into why in great detail, but neither the job nor the boss were right for me, nor I for them. If I've been there for two years and still do not properly comprehend what I'm doing, and am actively seeking distraction because I dislike my primary task that much, and my primary reason for staying is that my employer has ferrets, I'm probably better off out of it.

So, on the down side, I now need new employment, preferably in my chosen field, that much more urgently. On the up side, I now have more time and motivation to seek and pursue projects in my chosen field.

So... does anyone need, or know anyone who needs, a web designer? Samples here, here, and here, and a facelift-in-progress here.

Date: 2010-02-26 03:24 am (UTC)
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Wish I had some suggestions, but also wishing you the best and hoping lots of good jobs come your way!


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